posted 6th Jan 2022, 10:00 PM

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6th Jan 2022, 10:02 PM

The Alolan PokeNerd

Awww, he ended up doing the right thing <3

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6th Jan 2022, 10:32 PM


When she said "just you, huh", somehow I think she didn't mean it in a dismissive way,like she might have when they were still kids. Instead, she musta viewed Kasko as anything but "just you" the moment she realised it was he who'd come back for her(among the rest)🥺

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6th Jan 2022, 10:57 PM


He is brave :’)

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7th Jan 2022, 6:09 AM


Man... Kasko is anything but a coward in my eyes. A coward wouldn't have gone back to be with the others in their final moments. And it takes a strong person (or deer in this case) to be willing to comfort someone who terrorized you as a child.

Kasko is much stronger than he thinks.

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7th Jan 2022, 7:57 AM


Ooooh boy, considering how all this is before he gets those scars I am NOT looking forward to him trying to return to the herd and getting rejected/driven off or something Ó_Ò

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7th Jan 2022, 5:15 PM

Just a Reader

This reminds me of what she said about there being enough of those who are tough and hard hearted and how someone like kasko is needed, it was tough to leave the dying behind but I much prefer the tenderness and resolve that kasko has, the kind of heart that comforts and cares for the dying.

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7th Jan 2022, 5:31 PM


His mother's words deeply gained ground in my opinion,when the Sire responded to Kasko mentioning he has heart with a mocking tone "well aren't you special". Just few words but they really reflect the attitude Kasko's mother talked about and which is the reason their world needs more characters with a sincere, empathy filled heart.

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8th Jan 2022, 9:13 PM


It's almost like everyone in their final moments was suffering and alone and nobody did the right thing and help them pass. . . in whichever way possible.

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31st Mar 2022, 8:26 PM


Whenever the kid u bullied comes back for u and ur family leaves behind to die alone

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